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Xi stresses braving challenges in fighting floods to ensure safety of people's lives, property
China has entered a crucial period of flood control. Xi said the flood prevention situation is grim.
Jiangxi enters 'wartime mode' as nation faces flood catastrophe
Jiangxi has entered "wartime mode" and raised its emergency response for flood control and disaster relief to the highest level.
19th Chinese peacekeeping multi-functional engineering detachment to Lebanon ready to set out
The force reportedly consists of a multi-functional engineer detachment, construction engineer detachment and medical detachment, totaling over 400 members.
Heaven or Hell? Cases of the real life of immigrants in the U.S.
Infographics: Serious Discrimination Against and Cruel Treatment of Immigrants Fully Expose Hypocrisy of "US-Style Human Rights".
Digital technologies help China curb spread of COVID-19
“Conflicts between personal privacy and public data collection will always exist, but within time, a balance between the two will be reached, which is a win-win for both sides."
China-Pakistan relationship remains steady in plans to advance science and technology
According to the official list from NSFC, 149 proposals were submitted to the two foundations this year, and 130 joint research projects have been approved.
Trump responsible for US coronavirus disaster: US media
President Donald Trump is responsible for America’s unfolding coronavirus disaster, according to an opinion piece published by The Washington Post on July 6.

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